Even as the internet continues to circumvent borders and make seemingly any kind of music available with a few simple keystrokes, certain corners of the globe remain veritable musical question marks. Russia is a prime example. It’s a giant place, a nation undoubtedly ripe with artists and musicians, yet the country’s reputation when it comes to the modern musical landscape often boils down to its role as a massive clearing house for pirated material. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped mysterious St. Petersburg-based producer Nocow from cobbling together lo-fi, experimental beat work that seemingly borrows from both UK bass music and the Low End Theory crowd. His most recent EP, Pulkovo Heights (pictured above), came out earlier this month via the Siberian Gimme 5 label, which also doubles a a blog. “Moonlight Flit” didn’t make it on the record, but it’s a choice offering that combines clattering, Burial-esque percussion and moody atmospherics with smooth vocals that could have been taking from your favorite ’80s R&B slow jam. If other Russian producers have this sort of talent up their sleeves, it’s time to open the floodgates and really see what the rest of the country has to offer.

Moonlight Flit