Not a lot is known of Morgan Friedrich. What we do know is that the man behind the character, Paris-based producer and choreographer Morgan Belenguer, explains that “Morgan Friedrich is a composer but also a character more or less imagined.” His music is as elusive as the character, never sticking to one genre or style and floating through a range of warped beats and textures.

His latest single, “Spell Drops,” which is being offered as today’s XLR8R download via WeTransfer below, along with a poem by Friedrich.

Spell, Drops.
A handful of earth, because it’s mine, Drops.
A banner on his back, he wanders through the field, Drops.
A cigarette crushed in an empty holy shell, a habitat, Drops.
A Home equipment barcode, labeled on a pebble stone, Drops.
A shoe sole left in the sand, photographed by someone’s shadow, Drops. An aftertaste, a background, a reverse then a reversal, Drops.
An empty look, on nothing, in particular, he leans, Drops.

Spell Drops