Moritz Friedrich (a.k.a. Siriusmo) has been making his adventurous mix of broken electro-pop and house for almost a decade now with a host of singles, EPs, and remixes to his name. That said, Mosaik, set for release on Modeselektor’s Monkeytown imprint, marks his first venture into LP territory. The album’s title track is a jittery head nodder with an infectious groove, one that seems to effortlessly come together and fall apart, never completely allowing you to loose your rhythmic footing in the bubbles of vocal and synth snippets before dropping the beat back into its irresistible pulse. As expected, it’s veteran work from a producer that has spent the better part of two years putting his LP together, also in that time releasing the excellent The Plasterer of Love EP and prepping a forthcoming single (“Fermonikon” b/w “Signal”) to be released January 14. Basically, the German DJ/producer has been busy and we’re glad to hear the results. Mosaik will be released March 1, check the tracklist (which varies slightly by format) after the jump.

CD Tracklist:
01 High Together (Album Version)
02 Feromonikon (CD Edit)
03 Sirimande (CD Only Bonus Track)
04 Call Me
05 Mosaik
06 Bad Idea
07 Lass den Vogel frei!
08 123 (Album Version)
09 Idiologie
10 Einmal in der Woche schreien
11 Good Idea
12 Nights Off (CD Only Bonus Track)
13 Peeved
14 Feed My Meatmachine (CD Only Bonus Track)
15 Goldene Kugel
16 Signal
17 Red Knob

2xLP Tracklist:
A1 Mosaik
A2 Tierpark Berlin (Vinyl Exclusive Bonus Track)
A3 Goldene Kugel
A4 Peeved
A5 Lass den Vogel frei!

B1 High Together (Album Version)
B2 Someone Died (Vinyl Exclusive Bonus Track)
B3 Call Me
B4 Red Knob

C1 Ideology
C2 Einmal in der Woche schreien
C3 Feromonikon
C4 Traum (Vinyl Exclusive Bonus Track)
C5 Take Five (Vinyl Exclusive Bonus Track)

D1 Bad Idea
D2 Good Idea
D3 123 (Album Version)
D4 Signal