Photo by: Peter Vincent

Los Angeles techno duo Motionen is an audio/visual project created by Carlos Matamoros (a.k.a Altrd Being) and Matt Salamone. Respectively, these two artists have built up solid reputations for themselves on dancefloors throughout the City of Angels and in Honduras where Altrd Being got his start as a visual artist. Despite not having released any music together, the duo continues to tweak and perfect its live A/V show and are set to play its first live show at Los Globos‘ red room on March 25, hosted by the Submarine.

Creating a “unique flow of ambient, acid, and dub techno,” Motionen makes its online debut by offering up a free download of its track “Aumentare.”Dark and brooding, the track’s soundscapes and drum patterns permeate an insistent, growling attitude that leaves no room for mercy. 

 You can download “Aumentare” in full below via WeTransfer.