London’s Butterz label has been a leading force in keeping grime moving forward over the last year and now producer Royal T has been officially added to the label’s ranks with a new EP, Orangeade. Here is an alternate version of the track “Music Please,” whose “devil mix” (a term apparently coined by Wiley) is found on the EP. In line with the Butterz imprint’s take on grime, the tempo is quicker and the vibe leans more towards the “let’s party” side of the genre. A fast beat with skittering hi-hats and claps bounces along with chopped-up vocals, some occasional bleeps and bloops, and the customary evil bassline. If you need some more Royal T than this one MP3 can deliver, make sure to check out the recent XLR8Rpodcast from Butterz label heads Elijah and Skilliam, which features two Royal T tracks along with a host of Butterz tunes. The Orangeade EP is available now. (via FACT)

Music Please