How can you speculate on the future of something as inherently futuristic as bass music? Since its inception, the subgenre’s parallel relationship with new developments in technology has always placed it at the event horizon of the soon to be. Enter Canadian producer HxdB with his upcoming compilation, Future of Bass Volume 1, which features 19 bleeding-edge tracks from the likes of up-and-comers DFRNT, Submerse & Resketch, Cedaa, and HxdB himself. Now, to get you thinking about the future, HxdB has offered up Cure‘s “Rerub” of his own “Mustard.” Built on a blur of undulating synth pads and a funky, snare-led, stop-start rhythm, “Mustard (Cure Rereub)” drops into a deep pocket that suggests the future might not be so elusive after all. Download the cut below and check out the rest of Future of Bass Volume 1 when it drops June 27.

HxdB – Mustard (Cure Rerub)