Launched in 2012, Seattle’s Hush Hush label has spent the better part of the past two years quickly evolving past its roots as a label focused on subdued post-dubstep and R&B-infused beatmaking (a sound the label lovingly referred to as “night bus”). With a catalog that continues to grow each month, Hush Hush’s sound palette has come to include all matter of beats—both blissful and dark—as well as many other stops along the electronic spectrum. Today, the label invites a new outfit to its fold in Portuguese duo MUTUAL, who also bring a new sound to the Hush Hush stable. One of three tracks included on the pair’s A1017 12″, “Deflection” is a smoky composition, one which slows down the compressed breaks of UK drum & bass and fits them between the thudding kicks and shuffling hats of a hazy club track.