They’ve gotten their shit together, and here’s another new one from Detroit’s Friendly Foes. The self-proclaimed “power trio,” who formed just a little over a year ago, seems to be one of the new breed of indie rock bands reviving the sound of the ’90s (have you noticed the sudden increase in flannel shirts on the bus lately?), as evidenced with the simple-but-driving song structures where guitar plays front-and-center, no questions asked. The band’s debut full-length, Born Radical, will drop January 13 via Gangplank, though you can pick it up now digitally if that’s too long of a wait.

Born Radical
01 Full Moon Morning
02 Get Yr Shit Together
03 Couch Surfing
04 My Body (Is A Strange Place To Live)
05 Breakfast Burritos
06 Get Ripped
07 Walk Home In The Dark
08 Epic Jamb
09 Wild (Once In Awhile)
10 Dying To Survive
11 Lil’ Tiger
12 Criminal Justice
13 Rush The Land

Friendly Foes – My Body (Is A Strange Place To Live) 1