After delivering a three-tracked label start with two remixes and the original track by DkA & Jon Mosto—a clubby track with sensual French vocals from Elena—it’s now Nandu‘s turn with two original tracks, both of them driven by juicy vocals.

The The Lights EP features two remixes, one by Echonomist, the other by Myny. It will land on October 15 via Scatcity, with pre-order here.

Meanwhile, you can grab “Inbetween The Lines,” a club-ready techno track, via the WeTransfer button below. It’s not included on the EP.


01. Nandu “The Lights”
02. Nandu “Blckout”
03. Nandu “The Lights” (Echonomist Remix)
04. Nandu “Blckout”” (MYNY Remix)