Kicking off with soft soundscapes and dripping vocals that amble in the distance, “Zero 10” by Nate Connelly lingers beautifully until building into a thumping and steep, downtempo ballad. After releasing his debut album, A Dream About Being Lost, in 2013, and scoring the Chinese thriller ‘Rigor Mortis,’ Nate Connelly has crafted his second full-length album, Di Skyver, featuring eleven tracks that are ambient and experimental at their core. The album dips between moods with large, aggressive tracks like “Quit Sound” that use heavy intermittent vocal chops, and cuts like the one in question here, “10 Zero,” which adds great depth and mystique to the release. “7842 Fire,” which is featured on the album, has also previously been remixed by UK artist Throwing Snow and can be heard here.

Download the ethereal album cut “10 Zero” below. Di Skyver is out now and available via the UK label Blind Colour, purchase the album here.

10 Zero