Nate Husser, formerly Husser, is a Montreal-based rapper who combines raw lo-fi textures with suffering, introspective lyrics. Having cut his teeth playing countless gigs with his band The Posterz, last year he dropped his first solo EP, Geto Rock For The Youth—described as “a vibe, a feel, a genre, a lifestyle, a sound,” by Husser. “The project is heavily influenced by my childhood in the ’90s, growing up with no hip-hop radio station in my city. But still, I had great times and the good vibes and feels I soaked up and that stuck with me from that time are what I wanted to translate thru this project. I’m just doin’ what artists are born to do: creating. Me and the other members of The Posterz—we gotta learn to create in collaboration as well as by ourselves if we ever wanna be near as great as we all can be.” The EP features 7 dark and sonically dense tracks, revealing personal stories through clever wordplay and unique flows.

In support of the release, and ahead of Husser’s performance at this year’s Igloofest, he’s offered up “HollyHood” for download. Grab it now via the WeTransfer button below.

What have you been up to lately? How was 2017 for you?

Been working on a couple of fire projects. Including a mixtape with my Thug Mansion Family and some other new shit by me. 2017 was lit. Felt like a Lil bit of a preview or something. Or a trial run.

What was the inspiration for breaking off as a solo artist?

The inspiration behind breaking off. I’ve always been a solo artist. All artists are. It was just a matter of me getting to put out my work. My sound.

How is the Montreal rap scene treating you?

Montreal treats me well.

Where and when was “HollyHood” recorded? Is there a story behind it?

The first version of “HollyHood” was recorded in my bedroom off a beat Mike Shabb sent me on FB, then the later version at Cult Nation reproduced by Gael Auclair. The inspiration came from the return home from a productive trip to LA where just hours into coming back home to the hood, there was insane heat and it was like I was back in hell.

What’s the basis for your lyrics? Where do the ideas come from?

The basis of my lyrics is basically the truth. Emotion. Authenticity. Storytelling. Flow. Etc. Wtv.

2017 saw you release your latest EP. Can we expect more in 2018?

Of course.


This year’s Igloofest edition runs from January 18 to February 3, with more information here.