If you go back 12 years to Nathan Jonson‘s first proper vinyl release as Hrdvsion with the Oh Techo Saves EP on Itiswhatitis Recordings, you will see that Jonson is aiming to stand out as an individual amongst his peers with his strong affinity for nimble glitch and experimental rhythm patterns. Itiswhatitis eventually became known as the home base for iconic records from another skilled musician in Nathan’s family, with his brother Mathew Jonson reaching critical acclaim with his solo work on the label and with his band Cobblestone Jazz. It was also around this time that Mathew Jonson and Konrad Black began contributing to the development of Wagon Repair, the formative label that would set the foundation for Nathan Jonson to explore numerous different musical styles over the course of many years and allow him to further expand on the definitions that made up his previous musical lexicon.

Nathan inevitably released a slew of records on Wagon Repair under the name Hrdvsion during that time, along with creating multiple aliases like Cockblocker and Florian Kicks, and would eventually release and perform with his brother under the nickname Midnight Operator. Nathan capped off this period of experimentation by relocating to Berlin in 2009 and issuing his album Where Did You Just Go?, which would mark his only full-length album on Wagon Repair. According to Nathan, the decision to no longer use the Hrdvsion alias wasn’t about doing something radically different necessarily, but it was more about clearing the palette and some of the preconceptions about his previous work. Since that time Nathan has now settled on producing music under his own name, and after releasing ‘Finding My Way’ on Areal‘s Lazerwhales III compilation, he returns with his first proper 12″ for the label. Towards The Sun is a four-track package characterized by its buoyant basslines and Jonson’s well-known experimental streak. 

Today for our daily download, you can grab the dub mix of the title track of Nathan Jonson’s latest EP ahead of its release on November 6. You can also set a reminder to order the album when it becomes available by checking out the record on Juno.

Towards The Sun (Dub Mix)