This week, Berlin-based producers Benjamin Weiss (a.k.a. Nerk, of Toktok) and Peter Kirn (who heads up the excellent Create Digital Music site) combined forces to deliver their second EP together as NERKKIRN. Titled Obervolt, the new record offers four energetic and overdriven techno constructions, including a pair of remixes from Tallmen.785 and Syntax Error. In addition, a bonus remix from a somewhat shadowy producer by the name of Themostworstwasted accompanies the release, finding the artist reworking NERKKIRN’s “Finality” into an even more efficient affair, overlaying an innumerable number of unsettled electronic squelches atop the track’s sharp drums and rhythmic glitches. Out now on V-Records, NERKKIRN’s Obervolt EP can be streamed in full below, where Themostworstwasted’s restless bonus remix can also be downloaded for free.

Finality (Themostworstwasted Remix)