Not that we want to belittle the quality work that 100% Silk affiliate Shams (pictured above) has done on his remix of Adventure‘s “Nervous,” but it is hard to imagine how the New York-based producer could have done anything other than take the hyperactive tune into more “relaxed” territoy. Pulled from Adventure’s recent, Carpark-released Weird Work LP (which can still be streamed in full here), the original version of “Nervous” pushes restless melodies atop a rush of distorted drums and a ceaselessly morphing chord progression; in the hands of Shams, however, the tune is transformed into a mellow bit of groove-heavy house. Interwoven with bits of crisp hand percussion and a cool, almost tropical vibe, this fresh remix serves as a balanced companion to Adventure’s energetic original. (via Dummy)

Nervous (Shams Relaxed Mix)