Coming from a history that was drenched in hip-hop culture and underground drum and bass, Bristol-based producer Neuropol never stopped looking for his next artistic inspiration. Stemming from this enthusiasm came a unique blend of dub production that is full of excitement while also being delicate and straight-forward. Package that motivation together with a reputation that is immersed in turntablism, and it becomes clear how Neuropol’s seamless approach to DJing and production helps to draw in fans from a wide variety of genre backgrounds.

Now on November 20, Neuropol will be the first artist to release on Cosmic Bridge’s new digitial imprint CBD, which was created to expose artists in a more direct way to the ever-shifting musical landscape. Neuropol’s new EP Innermost features four tracks, and includes a remix by label head Om Unit and a track featuring Marlene Abuah. To honor the formation of this new label and celebrate the first release on CBD, Neuropol has decided to offer up an exclusive track for download that you can only get find on XLR8R. The track is called “Overtron,” and simply put the track is dramatic dub and bass at its finest.

“Overtron” has no problem conjuring up feelings of internalized struggle through its vocal hook, yet the underlying piano and drum pattern add an uplifting element to the track that brings the song around full circle. You can find out more about Neuropol by pre-ordering the Innermost EP over on the Cosmic Bridge Digital Bandcamp page, and you can pick up the track “Overtron” by clicking on the media player below. You can also subscribe to the XLR8R Downloads feed on iTunes by clicking on the feed links located at the bottom of this article.


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