Although newcomer Close remains anonymous to most, he’s apparently a connected dude, as he’s already begun collaborating with such established artists as Ewan Pearson, Appleblim, and Scuba. Close’s work with some of those collaborators will appear on his debut album, Getting Closer, which will eventually be released at an unspecified time in the future, but for now, the as-yet-unidentified tunesmith has sent over a remix of the aforementioned Scuba’s “Never,” one of the b-sides from the incredible Adrenalin EP. Close’s version doubles down on the bass and replaces the freestyle-flavored original’s breakbeats with more propulsive percussion. It’s worth mentioning that Close has also completed remixes for Fink and Little Dragon, and is currently previewing clips from his forthcoming album on his website.

Never (Close Remix)