Toronto-based duo Southern Shores (a.k.a. Jamie Townsend and Ben Dalton) has given us the first leak from its upcoming EP, New World, which drops on October 2 via avant-pop label Cascine. “New Love” boasts much of the same heavy atmospherics, mellow vibes, and pillowy soundscapes we loved on tracks from the pair’s first EP, like “Night is Young,” but with an extra dollop of tropical flavor from the brightly colored synths and punchy percussion. Southern Shores’ cheerful melodies also lend “New Love” a fresh energy that retains a certain sensuality thanks to the breathy vocal samples and warm bassline which bolster the airy groove. Before the seven-track New World EP arrives this fall, you can check out its artwork and tracklist, after the jump.

1. Marazul
2. Sankasa
3. New Love
4. Flashes
5. Breathe
6. Purple Skies
7. Natural High

New Love