After years of producing, Wolf + Lamb compatriot Nicolas Jaar still doesn’t have a proper debut album, but we’re okay with that, seeing as how he wisely spends his time making tasteful, intricate edits like this one for Nina Simone’s version of “Feelin’ Good.” Jaar’s production, entitled “Nico’s Feelin’ Good,” is a dark, brooding number that exists equally on planes of swirling textural ambience and softly undulating deep-house grooves—the varied sounds not once interfering with the indelibly haunted vocal performance by Simone. The New York producer may not yet be known for his work with edits, but after hearing this track, not to mention the rest of the free six-song EP it comes from, we’ll happily trade the release of his debut for another handful of these re-works.

You can download the 6 Edits EP via Resident Advisor, here.

Nico’s Feelin’ Good