Nicola Kazimir is one quarter of Swiss label and arts collective Les Points, alongside Barbir, Audino and Louh. Things kicked off for the imprint back in 2014 with a minimal house-focused solo EP from Kazimir himself—one that is still earning spins today (such as in Baby Ford‘s recent Fabric mix). As a unit they’ve come a long way since then, churning out a number of genre-defying records amongst the four of them, as well as plenty more solo records on a host of other labels such as Croisière Musique and Subsequent.

The next chapter in the story is the forthcoming AnthomsLP—a 13-tracker put together by the four of them. Speaking to Kazimir, he explains that the essence of the album will be jamming, which he favours for the greater possibilities made available over simple looping: “It’s human, with all its glitches and beautiful moments.”

Today’s download, “KAZIPEWPEWPEW,” is crafted from the same mold. A four minute slice of rave techno, it’s very rough and ready—you can really hear its creator energetically manning the controls. Quickfire, heavy beats crash over one another, set off by electro-synth stabs. It’s a look into the kind of production level they operate with, but only one example from a broad range of styles that Les Points tend to indulge in.

Download “KAZIPEWPEWPEW” via WeTransfer below.