Would it be cliché to lead off a piece on Cosmo Vitelli by commenting that despite the name of his label—I’m a Cliche—the man is anything but? Probably. In any case, the Cassavetes-obsessed Frenchman is back with Night Dogs, a brand new EP and his first since 2007. Featuring the Korean vocal stylings of Nakion, Night Dogs sounds a lot like what you would imagine Miss Kittin & The Hacker would sound like if they put out a record in 2011. We recently got our hands on Cómeme sensation Daniel Maloso‘s remix of “Night Dogs” to share with you. Taking the open space of the original and tightening it down, his remix turns the track into a sparse and funky electro-funk workout. Check out Maloso’s remix below and pick up the full EP over at Beatport.

Cosmo Vitelli – Night Dogs (Daniel Maloso Remix)