The New Dark Age of Love couldn’t be a more appropriate title for the new record by Xander Harris (a.k.a. Justin Sweatt). According to a press release, the Austin producer’s inspiration for the album came from watching people slowly abandon their neighborhoods in favor of million dollar condos. As such, there’s lots of melancholy and nostalgia to wade through on “Night Fortress,” but that doesn’t take away the core fact this is a gorgeous dance-pop tune. Anchored by a thundering pulse, Harris pulls “Night Fortress” in both directions, using a nasty lead that doubles down as the track makes its way toward the dancefloor while synths hover high above the low end. The slow-building production seems to be over before you know it, which piques our interest as to how it will fit with the rest of The New Dark Age of Love when it drops on April 2 via Not Not Fun.

Night Fortress