Do steel drums—or their digital approximations on various synthesizers—ever sound bad? In all honesty, the answer is probably yes, but in the right hands, like those of 23-year-old Polish producer The Phantom (pictured above), not to mention those of the beatmaker handling remix duties here, the UK’s Hackman, they can be absolutely devine. The original version of “Night Game,” taken from the just-released Phantom EP, is a punchy slice of tropical 2-step led by a darting synth melody and a heavy helping of steel-drum sounds. Hackman has elected to stretch the song out, doubling its length while swapping out the lead synth for some ominous pads while turning up the percussion and inserting some additional low-end hum. It’s a just one of several solid efforts from the EP, which also includes remixes from Brenmar and Poland’s Zeppy Zep alongside a couple of additional originals from The Phantom. One of those originals, “Connect the Dots,” even has its own saucy video; check out the song and the PG-13 sexual suggestiveness after the jump.

Night Game (Hackman Remix)