NYC-based artist Nire released Radika, her debut album, in July 2015. The album marries Nire’s warped production with various women vocalists including Nani Castle, Jaq, and Bunny Michael. From the album, three video singles were released, the latest of which, “BIRDSONG,” was directed by Maya Margolina and features crabs, cockroaches, toads, and snakes in a “telenovela/spiritual reality show that embodies eco-feminist and interconnectedness ideas”—a perfect accompaniment to Bunny Michael’s psychedelic vocals and Nire’s surreal sonic world.

Following both the album and video releases, Nire has offered up a remix of “BIRDSONG” by up-and-coming Berlin-based producer Ziúr as today’s XLR8R download. Across the three-minute run time, Ziúr chops and twists the pop-infused original into a bass-heavy club weapon from the future.

You can download Ziúr’s remix of “BIRDSONG” via WeTransfer below, alongside the video for the original cut.