On “No Regrets,” Brooklyn/Berlin producer Night Plane (a.k.a. William Rauscher) sampled ’80s R&B trio The System’s “You Are In My System,” although it ultimately becomes a nearly unrecognizable amidst the song’s hulking synth-wash of crunch and crackle. Nearly burying the listener in atmospheric synths, Night Plane alleviates the track’s weightiness with an expertly placed acoustic guitar riff that, in the context of anything but dark and growling synths, could easily be mistaken as fodder from the untouched New Age section at any number of dying record stores. Rauscher cites “balearic twilight” and “cosmic Brooklyn” as influences on his MySpace page, descriptions that, while obviously a bit silly, do seem to fit a sound that couples ancient mysticism and intergalactic sci-fi. (via Altered Zones)

Night Plane – No Regrets