No Regular Play is Gregory Paulus and Nicholas DeBruyn, two Brooklyn-based musicians who produce and play a sound that is distinctly their own. Using keys, trumpets, drum machines, vocals, and various other instruments, Paulus and DeBruyn channel their collective backgrounds into a sound that fuses jazz, Cuban, and classical music with club-based ideals. The duo’s sun-soaked debut album, Endangered Species, was released by Wolf + Lamb back in 2012 and its follow-up, Can’t See You, dropped on Crew Love Records August 5.

Can’t See You was composed in the period following the passing of Paulus’ father in 2012 and deals with themes of loss and maturation. Can’t See You is a more poignant journey than its predecessor, an album drenched in nostalgia and remembrance.

In support of the release, Paulus and DeBruyn have offered up “Rebel” as a free download. The cut kicks off the album and hints at what’s to come, namely deep, drifting beats and haunting melodies. You can download “Rebel” via WeTransfer below, and make sure to catch No Regular Play when they tour the album with a live band including piano, drums, and saxophone.