There must be something in the water down in Texas, because it seems to be the only place on Earth with a steady supply of cumbia crunk. Yes, cumbia crunk. It’s exactly what it sounds like—low-slung, hard-hitting hip-hop beats with all kind of chopped-up accordion riffs, classic cumbia-isms, and rap acapellas layered over the top. And for whatever reason, all the best stuff comes from Texas. The latest participant to pop up is Corpus Christi’s DJ Dus. He’s part of the Peligrosa crew along with DJ Orion and has already digitally released one album this year, entitled Soy Yo!. “Noche de Estrellas” comes off his freshly released Enemigo Publico EP, and it’s a zoned-out version of the vintage cumbia anthem that slowly thumps over some screwed hip-hop beats. More new music from Dus is expected later this summer on Ernest GonzalesExponential label.

Noche De Estrellas