Wisconsin-based producer Noer The Boy recently released his EP SPILLEDNOISE via DJ Shadow’s Liquid Amber imprint. Having previously released music on Courteous Family, Saturate Records, Daruma, Study Group, and Camp Wild Records, Noer The Boy is most well known for his wicked, groundbreaking sound that pushes the limits of bass music.

To celebrate the release of this beat-heavy album, Noer The Boy has graciously offered up the track “Femmefatale” as today’s XLR8R download. Comprised of loud textures and a wide variety of rupturing bass tones and percussion arrangements, the track never stays the same and it’s nearly impossible to determine what comes next. Despite the track’s inconsistency, the entire feel seems to move in a playful and cohesive manner, making this track the type of sonic roller coaster that will leave you with your hands in the air.

You can download “Femmefatale” below via WeTransfer.