You could rightly consider the five-year stretch between Deepchild‘s last album, Departure, and his upcoming offering, Neukölln Burning (dropping on October 9 via Thoughtless Music), as a period of metamorphosis. After all, the Australian producer born Rick Bull has since uprooted himself from the land down under and relocated to Berlin, where he’s managed to make himself fit in quite nicely as a regular guest at both Tresor and Berghain. His musical output reflects that geographical change, too; “Noise Machine,” a bonus cut sent over ahead of Neukölln Burning, pulses with the dark, techno-minded vibes you’d expect to hear coming out of Ostgut Ton‘s roster. Deepchild’s gurgling bassline churns and bubbles beneath synth squalls as a heavy 4/4 beat marches forward. After you stream “Noise Machine,” check out the artwork and tracklist for Neukölln Burning after the jump.

01 Doves in Michigan
02 Neukolln Burning
03 Dirty Cutlery
04 Riyadh
05 Bleeding Down the Night
06 I Woke and You Were Smiling
07 Chicago Train
08 Want
09 The One I Used to Call Home
10 Rage
11 Then We Dissolved
12 That I Adore You
13 Reuterkiez Winter Lights
14 Perimeter of Release

Noise Machine