Back in 2011, when Sebastian and Andreas used to DJ and produce music on their own, they met each other for the first time at an open air. Playing together from then on was not just a coincidence: it turned out that they both shared the same artistic visions.

Since that moment, they’ve been combining their shared love for house and techno by producing as Nostique. “Oxymoron” is now one of the the duo’s first tracks, the result of spending hours working in the studio in their home town of Berlin over the past two years. It is said to represent their current influences, mainly their love for melancholic synth lines and “touches of the avant-garde.”

The track emerged alongside other collaborations with friends and is scheduled to be released on their own upcoming label Mandatory. Until then, you can download it for free via the WeTransfer link below as one of today’s XLR8R free downloads.