More than a year since his last release, What It Cost, Huess is finally back with the aptly named and newly released Discards EP, an offering of four thematically distinct tracks that had been originally doomed to languish on Huess’ hard drive before he’d compiled them for this record. But don’t get it twisted; this ragtag collection of beats still bumps, especially on closing tune (not counting a remix by Big Mister Doom) “Not Afraid,” on which rambunctious rhythms made of pounding kicks and heavy snares resonate with such beat-heavy vibes that one might be tempted to mistake the UK tunesmith for a born-and-bred Southern Californian. Huess manages to keep things exciting, however, by piling layers of cosmic synths onto his beat before finally capping it off with a wonky, video game-inspired lead. After you check out “Not Afraid,” you can stream the rest of the EP after the jump.

Discards by Huess

Not Afraid