An outstanding club track no doubt, “Nothing More to Say (Vocal Mix)” has the backbone a banger should have: a lead that’s almost too good to be true, pitch-bending synths that get tossed around the dancefloor like a round of free drinks, and a bed of percussion that holds the tempo before issuing a crowd-pleasing change up at the two-minute mark. You may recognize the UK-based DJ/producer Sophie from his remix of Auntie Flo that dropped almost a year ago, but he’ll soon follow that up with a 12″ for Huntleys + Palmers, featuring a dub version of “Nothing More to Say” from Jackmaster and the impeccably-named b-side “Eeehhh.” Before Sophie’s record is released on February 11, you can preview its those sounds in the clip embedded after the jump.

Nothing More to Say (Vocal Mix)