Sam Goldberg keeps himself busy. He runs a label, Pizza Night, that releases cassettes exclusively, he collaborates on projects with a couple of fellas from Cleveland ambient noise outfit Emeralds, and he writes similarly formless songs under the name Radio People. From his recently released eponymous full-length (which you can stream in full here and purchase on vinyl here), “Now Where” finds Goldberg halfway through his opus, traversing analog arpeggiations, thick synth pads, and repetitive micro-melodies with grace. The composition sounds similar to some of his peers on the Editions Mego label, like Oneohtrix Point Never and, of course, Emeralds, but also reminds us a bit of the beatless, billowy parts from one of last year’s best analog odysseys, Etienne Jaumet‘s Night Music. (via Raven Sings the Blues)

05 Now Where