Hailing from St.Petersburg, Russia, Dmitry Kuzmin (a.k.a Nuage) is no newcomer to the producing world. Kuzmin began producing under the musical alias of Nuage seven years ago with his early releases deeply rooted in drum & bass, and his first solo release “Missing You” was included in the Med SchoolNew Blood compilation.

His more recent productions have shifted in sound to encompass a wider range of influences and styles, in his own words “to express a broader spectrum of emotions.” His first full-length release, Music Of Branches paid homage to the stylings of garage, deep house, and 170BPM Electronica, dropping on Dublin-based Absys Records. With a second LP Print Of You released on American Translation Records, Nuage then saw further records released on labels such as French imprint Roche Musique, Food Music, and Blu Mar Ten. In the middle of 2015, he also lined up a mini-album for leftfield electronic/beats label Project: Mooncircle, before returning to the label with his second album titled Wild.

The track he offers for download today is an unreleased part of Wild album studio session. “It reminds me a cold crystal clear and transparent afterword to the album,” Kuzmin says, and was originally intended as a dub/instrumental version. “After Belle (the vocalist of UK-based The Left Rib) accepted her work on the tune, the new version was really different, her voice gave the track all the other accents: a mixture of soul/ trip hop vocals and cold techno atmosphere connected really mystical and incredibly deep,” he continues.

The Odds feat. Belle