New York-based trio N/UM tick a lot of boxes between themselves: alongside a five-time Grammy award-winning mastering engineer (who spent years DJing in the cities underground scene), is a guitarist and bass player with a decade of experience in improvised performance, as well as singer-songwriter with a background in orchestration and composition.

Listening to their debut EP together on Mexican label Duro, Zebra, you get a real sense of the appropriation of those skills. Recorded in one take during a single session back in November of last year, the seven-tracker was improvised entirely, recorded as one lengthy live set with each track flowing into the next (the group had been inspired by jazz musicians of the late 20th century, and the idea that every performance creates a new suite). Bashed out using a mixture of string instruments, vocals, analog synthesizers, and drum machines, they used that background to create a record that falls somewhere between minimal house and techno.

Up for download this week is “Chinook”—a short, snappy insight into the musical style of the New Yorkers. Across the three minute jam, weird-out vocal snippets rush over bouncy percussion, with an end product that is totally dancefloor ready. It sits comfortably amongst the other six cuts, all of which have quite a different flavour, testifying to the artists’ varied and accomplished backgrounds.

Zebra is due out on June 17 and can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp. Download “Chinook” below via WeTransfer.