Photo: Louis Norton Selzer

From the opening seconds of “Going On,” it’s easy to tell that this track is going to groove. Crafted by budding London transplants NVOY, the tune initially swells with neon, soul-drenched chords which eventually join forces with a slew of thick, shuffled rhythms. Taking plenty of cues from the R&B-soaked side of the bass music spectrum—and peppered with tasteful bits of female vocals—”Going On” unapologetically sets its sights on the dancefloor, an aim NVOY hits pretty squarely throughout all four minutes of its fast-evolving track. A young outfit (its members clocking in at 20 and 21, respectively), NVOY is set to continue building up its catalog of tracks with a contribution to the Black Butter label’s forthcoming Spread the Love compilation, dropping late next month. In the meantime, the production pair’s infectious “Going On” can be downloaded in full below.

Going On