Berlin-based artist NYMA is a compelling DJ and producer that has been involved in some big projects lately. He was recently featured alongside Magda on a remix retrospective of four songs from the Swiss electronic band, Yello. Within this same project, NYMA and Magda have also reworked the sounds of Joy Division, LL Cool J, and Chaka Khan. All of these packages available right now for free download via the Define The Relationship website.

Today NYMA is offering up a cut from his forthcoming three-track EP on ITS ALL IN YOU titled Rapid Eye Movements. You can check out this new release on the It’s All In You website by clicking here.

Here are a few words on the concepts of the new release directly from the producer himself:

“If you want to understand human nature and the human mind.. what makes us tick.. you need to look at dreams. Being responsible for our own life and interpretation of things, we are challenged every day and night. Following connections to our unconscious mind, we convert the normal and ordinary to overly surreal and bizarre interpretations of our dreams. Are these direct messages from deities or creatures predicting the future? Sexual, frightening, adventurous exciting and melancholic feelings. What are they all about? Just manifestations of our deepest desires and anxieties camouflaged in unknown dimensions and images, or is it all just a trashy greatest hits selection of our mind? Soon you will find the only person who can answer this, or find the person who can answer it for you. They’re both reading this right now.”

For more information on NYMA and his numerous upcoming projects and tour dates, follow him on Facebook. You can also download the track “R.E.M.” (12inch Above Mix) for free right here by clicking on the WeTransfer button below.

R.E.M. (12inch Above Mix)