In its original form, Pixelord‘s “Oasis” production leads off the Russian producer’s recent Polygon Fane EP for Infinite Machine with a bit of back-and-forth, the tune switching off from being led by sprightly melodies to sections which dip down benath low-knocking sub-bass. On his remix, budding Finnish talent Recue fuses together the track’s alternating parts, resulting in a rework that is slightly more brooding as it adds new layers of rattling percussion and laser-sharp synths which appear just slightly burnt at their edges. Ending with a barrage of stumbling drum patterns which become absorbed by a swell of buzzing chords, Recue’s rework is a markedly more dramatic affair than Pixelord’s own version of “Oasis,” but also one which puts a welcome new spin on the former XLR8R podcast contributor’s track.

Oasis (Recue Remix)