French label Fool House will release the self-titled debut EP (pictured above) from Danish duo Taragana Pyjarama, a dreamy micro-techno outfit in the vein of The Field or Gold Panda, on March 28, but we get to have one of those four tracks today. “Ocean” is as vibrant and colorful as its namesake, and maybe even just as calming, too. Though its energy and tempo are high, and its array of looping audio bytes and lovingly fragmented melodies are seemingly incalculable, the elements of the production all work together to build a serene world of sound that’s as intimate and immersive as taking a dip in the nearest warm body of water. If this track is any indication of things to come, not to mention the rest of Taragana Pyjarama’s EP and everything else we’ve heard from the pair, you can count us as ‘highly anticipating’ what comes next. (via Pitchfork)