The London-based record label Don’t Be Afraid has announced its upcoming series of 10″ dub releases, aptly titled Don’t Be Afraid Dubs. The inaugural release comes from Claws For?, an alter ego of Modern Soul label boss Clause Four, and drops on June 25. Each release from the Don’t Be Afraid series matches a house tune by a UK-based producer with a techno-influenced remix by an artist from the US. Claws For?’s original production, “Profumo,” was paired with a remix by Miami’s Gosub, who has released on labels like Citinite, Device, and Frustrated Funk in the past. Featured here, “Off and On” is a bonus cut of lounge-y house funk from Claws For?, which tailors politely quirky notes to a mellow, groovy bassline with a splash of reverb.

Off And On