Back in March, Glaswegian producer Auntie Flo and the Huntleys & Palmers imprint caught our attention in a major way with “Highlife”, an African-tinged house tune with rolling tribal percussion which headlined the first release for the party-turned-label. This month, both Auntie Flo and Huntleys & Palmers are back with more, namely the “Oh My Days” single, which also includes an interesting b-side from South Africa’s DJ Sdunkero. The record will drop in the next week or so, but here we have a remix of “Oh My Days” by Chilean Alejandro Paz, who also has a future H&P release in the works. Clearly this is a crew that doesn’t have a whole lot of regard for geographical boundaries, as Paz keeps the original’s sticky vocal loop but adds a bit more African flavor to the proceedings in the form of stuttering, kwaito-ish drums and some hooky guitar bits. For a closer comparison, we recommend that you download Paz’s remix below and then watch the fun-loving video for the original “Oh My Days,” which is posted after the jump.

Oh My Days (Alejandro Paz Remix)