The past few years have seen the emergence of strange and divergent currents in dance music. From these, Beat Detectives is one of the weirdest outfits to emerge. Operating out of Minneapolis, it’s a three-piece outfit whose music plays like a meta-commentary on the state of dance music in the internet age, with harshly spliced YouTube rips and digital chaos that emulates the sensory bombardment of surfing the screen. Asscop is the group’s forthcoming LP, out May 6 on 1080p, and its press release sums the group’s efforts up well, explaining that “Asscop‘s light antagonism comes beamed in from some discarded Winamp .pls on their cluttered PC desktop.” That aesthetic is evident on “Oh That Felix,” a track the group has made available as a teaser; it builds from a jarring collision of low bit-rate samples before finding its footing as a deep yet demented house cut, somewhere between Moodymann and the Residents.

Oh That Felix