Giovanni Lalin (a.k.a Oiigi) is an upcoming Dutch artist—currently based in Cologne—who just released his debut EP, titled Comfort & Distractions. You can place his music next to artists like Mndsgn, SwuM. and idntrmmbr.

We’re told that the underlying meaning of this EP is that we all receive different kinds of impulses that trigger certain emotions. “Everybody experiences things on a daily basis which can be perceived as positive but also negative. Right now we live in a time where nothing is sure, so people rather escape or take substances to escape reality for a certain time to find peace and tranquillity in life or to come up with new ideas and make something positive out of something negative,” Oiigi explains. 

In support of the release, out now, you can download “På mitt sinn” via the WeTransfer button below—or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions.