He’s a found sound fanatic, and for his third full-length, avant-experimentalist producer Ethan Rose reels in the sounds of Oaks Park Roller Rink in his hometown of Portland, OR, manipulating the strains coming from the rink’s 1920s Wurlitzer Theater Organ. Rose himself assisted with organ repairs from time to time over the last year, an activity that no doubt provided plenty of inspiration for Oaks, which seems to be, at it’s heart, a meeting place for modern technology and antiquated machinery. For the truly inspired, read about Rose’s studio secrets while taking a listen to this track.

01 On Wheels Rotating
02 Rising Waters
03 Grand Marcher
04 The Floor Released
05 Fortunate
06 Scenes From When
07 Mighty Mighty
08 Bottom

Ethan Rose – On Wheels Rotating