Here, we have the second part of a remix swap between two talented champions of the enchanted electronic arts, New York’s Magick Mountain (pictured above) and Swedish/English outfit Holy Other, who have tackled each other’s work for the betterment of your daily listening. About a month ago, Holy Other’s “Yr Love” was reformatted to Magick Mountain’s liking, and now that producer’s wispy “One for My Ego” track gets a new look from the other side of the exchange. This new version of “Ego” vibrates with a languishing mood from the start, and sounds like it emanates from a hollowed-out cave on the face of the moon. Not once does Holy Other introduce the more jubilant nature of the song’s original source, burrowing deeper still into whatever dark place the music was born. (via FACT)

One For My Ego (Holy Other Remix)