From the very first release on Not Not Fun‘s brand-new dance 12″ imprint, 100% Silk, comes this entrancing, handcrafted slow-burner by Daniel Martin-McCormick’s latest solo moniker, Ital. Like his recent drum-machine- and synth-heavy work with Mi Ami, “One Hit” relies solely on analog music equipment to flesh out its vintage-inspired groove, which in turn lends it an air of old-school authenticity. And while Martin-McCormick’s new project isn’t exactly pushing the kinds of Euro-informed disco sounds its name might suggest, the beat is about as motorik as it gets, and effectively provides “One Hit” with a solid backbone so the ambient elements can float about without ever losing the necessary dancefloor vibe. You can check out the two other tracks on Ital’s “Ital’s Theme” 12″ (pictured above) if you pick up the limited-edition record, here. (via Altered Zones)

One Hit