Two of NY’s finest dance-music operators are teaming up for a new release on Rush Hour, with Policy‘s “One Last Time” single being backed with a FaltyDL remix (as well as another reworking by Dutchman Tom Trago). FaltyDL takes the track’s atmosphere and velcro edges into a shimmering, dew-heavy forest, planting percolating rays of color and synthesized charm that seem to grow, shuffle, and come alive just as frenetically as the percussion. Bright and bouncy, with plenty of sidewinding slices of snare and a shrill synth lick that sounds like a pixie chortling in the background, it’s a track that works especially well towards the end of a night or in an extended home-listening session (particularly after the breakdown halfway through). The One Last Time EP will be available on May 28.

One Last Time (FaltyDL Remix)