Melbourne’s Galapagoose has announced the impending release of his debut LP, Commitments, on March 13 via Daedelus‘ Magical Properties imprint (via Two Bright Lakes in Australia). The Aussie producer has shared the arresting “One Who Can’t Move” in advance of that record, a two-minute song that mashes together a vocal and piano sample with airy synth lines and turns the side-chain compression up to 11. It all results in a unique crossover between frozen-in-place beat music and a sort of downtempo house. You can check out the artwork and tracklist for Commitments, after the jump.

1. Don’t Break The Spell
2. Planting the Seed
3. A Time For Us
4. Winkler
5. Unintended Consequence
6. One Who Can’t Move
7. She
8. Attraction and Influence
9. Rhizome
10. Attachments
11. Hard Swallow
12. Snuffclutch
13. Dark Rooms, Illuminate
14. Weight
15. Multiplicities

One Who Can’t Move