While trawling the web today, we came across a new blog-spawned genre name: screwgaze. Yes, it’s obviously abhorrent, but it’s only marginally worse than the other meaningless names people are tossing around, like witch house and drag. Yet ridiculous labels aside, something is clearly afoot, as the tide of bedroom producers has gone dark and a new sound is emerging. Instead of the cheery summer vibes explored by their chillwave—another genre title that still makes us cringe—counterparts, this new crop has a taste for the occult and loves screwing its melodies and vocals into fuzzy oblivion. Dream Boat is the latest player in the saga, and although the project is based in Providence, it’s clearly in touch with similar-minded acts from around the continent, as “oOchre” is actually a cover of the song “No Summr4U” by San Francisco’s oOoOO. The track is taken from Dream Boat’s new EP, Fevers, which appears to have been released on cassette and is also available for free download (or purchase, for the kind-hearted) here.

03 oOchre