Earlier this year, Glasgow-based producer Ali Herron (a.k.a OOFT!) dropped Intricacies of Modern Life, his debut full-length.

The completion of this album debut is described as “the culmination of a good few years effort,” with the slow building of a studio along the way, as well as a cultivation of the skills to use it. The initial plan was to pull together some existing tracks and make a few new ones to complete the project, but the whole release consists entirely of original material. By early 2016, after a long production process of tweaking, evolving, producing new material and in some cases completely replacing large sections and elements of older works, he finally felt on the right track, though it still took another year to fully finesse the songs and decide on final material.

Herron himself began soaking up influences when working at Carbon Music in Glasgow, “invaluable” years opening of his mind to music—absorbing everything from US house to French acapella artists, acoustic singer-songwriters, ambient electronica, and more. Known initially for edits, releasing on his own L.E.S.S. Productions label, he worked initially with his friend Graham Clark (a.k.a The Revenge). He would then have further material released on Midnight Riot, Delusions of Grandeur, and House of Disco. The bulk of his recordings, however, have landed on his own Foto Recordings, itself home to this debut long-play release.

The final product is described as “a departure” for those who think of OOFT! more as a disco-heavy edits type producer—though some of these early works are referenced in the intro. We’re told to expect “a concentration on a more electronic house-defined sound and a more “out-there” direction than edit style tracks.

In support of the release, you can grab “The Big C” via the WeTransfer button below.

The Big C