Toward the end of our recent Vis-Ed feature on Irish flimmakers Feel Good Lost, Brendan Canty (one of the two artists behind the video production studio) mentioned that he would soon start a new record label under the same moniker. The Young Wonder EP, producer Ian Ring’s and singer Rachel Koeman’s self-titled debut, marks the first record released via Feel Good Lost, which has arrived complete with a punchdrunk rework by Luxembourg’s Sun Glitters. The prolific producer delivers his tried-and-true formula on “Orange (Sun Glitters Remix),” as he weaves Koeman’s chopped vocal work in and out of partially quantized beats and reverb-addled synth washes over the course of about three minutes. After getting your fill of this version of Young Wonder’s tune, you can check out the video for the original track (created by Feel Good Lost, of course), after the jump.

Orange (Sun Glitters Remix)